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escort and personal security service

HOPLON Protection & Consulting looks back on many years of a wealth of experience in the field of private personal security for persons and their environment exposed to danger. On the basis of comprehensive situation and security analyses we prepare custom-made security solutions which, subject to client’s individual wishes, will be implemented, monitored and performed by us with all operative elements adjusted to the situation. Owing to our special wealth of experience the ‚principle of personal security by means of clarification is of prime importance.

Investigation and observation

HOPLON has added to our service profile the extraordinary skills in the field of investigation and observation for private persons subject to the statutory regulations.


The following service orders will be taken by us for the time being:

- Divorce matters

- Private suspicion of fraud

- Identity protection



Jahrelange internationale Tätigkeit im Bereich behördlicher und privater Sicherheit.
Years of international activities in the field of authorities and civil security, focusing on the MENA region, Central Asia and the Balkans.

Fon: +49 551 9989226 - Mobil: +49 172 98 44 649 - Mail: OFFICE@HOPLON.PRO