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The successful implementation or execution of a solution is vitally conditional on the quality of the personnel deployed. This is why for HOPLON training and further training as well as a high quality standard not only of the own staff is of greatest importance. It is for this reason that HOPLON Protection & Consulting offer companies, institutions as well as, for limited numbers, also private persons individual training and further training solutions. We can provide a broad range of education and a large number of professional training and further training programs with our highly qualified experienced training staff. For task-related trainings we call in specialized outside providers.

Our training staff comes from various governmental sectors, in particular the military or police sectors as well as those with an academic background. In addition, they can rely, apart from their many years of activity in the field of governmental and private security at home and abroad, on a strongly developed social and intercultural competence coupled with a comprehensive command of languages.


List of services:

  • Further training in the field of personal protection
  • Further training in the field of property security
  • Driver training with armored and/or non-armored vehicles
  • Self-defense for lay people and professional users
  • General knowledge of weapons for guards and sporting marksmen subject to Art. 7 German Gun Control Law
  • Shooting training with long guns and/or handguns for professional users from the government or private security sectors as well as hunters and sporting marksmen
  • Situation-related and tactical medical trainings
  • Preparatory training courses for business or private travels abroad as well as Hostile Environment Awareness / Security Training/ (HEAT-Training)
  • Cultural sensitization training
  • Psychosocial sensitization
  • Intelligence collection



Jahrelange internationale Tätigkeit im Bereich behördlicher und privater Sicherheit.
Years of international activities in the field of authorities and civil security, focusing on the MENA region, Central Asia and the Balkans.

Fon: +49 551 9989226 - Mobil: +49 172 98 44 649 - Mail: OFFICE@HOPLON.PRO